Logitech USB Headset not working?

May 13, 2016  

I’ve been using Logitech gear for decades (I used my first Logitech mouse with a Smaky computer back in the early 1990). I am using a G9 mouse on my workstation and a USB headset, which ceased to work a few days ago.

I thought this was a hardware problem (the headset must have been manufactured over 5 years ago), so I ordered a replacement, the Logitech H820e. I received it today, plugged it in and expected to see the driver installation succeed.

It did not. Windows did not find a suitable driver. And obviously, Logitech is not providing any driver for the H820e, as it adheres to the USB standard, and the operating system should provide support for it out of the box.

Yes, I know, I am still using Windows 7 x64 on my main workstation, but why bother upgrading it?

Fix it!

I have no idea what happened to my computer, but it had neither usb.inf nor usb.pnf in the C:\Windows\inf folder. These files seem to be needed to identify standard USB devices.

So I started an other Windows 7 x64 computer and copied both files over, went to the device manager, uninstalled the H820e under the Other devices node, unplugged the device, plugged it back in and … tada … it was immediately picked up by my computer.

So in case anyone is looking for these files, here they are.